either musical instrument

Listening to the amazingly wonderful Ed Kuepper album: Honey Steel’s Gold and I realised (as I said on twitter) that it is one of the albums that makes me wish I had learned a musical instrument (guitar or piano).

Other albums are:

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication (bass, of course!)
  • Matt Costa: Songs we sing (acoustic guitar)
  • Absolutely Anything feat. Johnny Marr (swoon): Smiths/Electronic/The The/Modest Mouse &etc (do you even need to ask?)
  • LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver (cowbell!)
  • Japandroids: Post Nothing (guitar again! + drums)
  • The National: all albums (voice)
  • Moar to be added as I think of them

I suppose it is not too late to learn both, I mean, realistically (given the longevity in the fam.), I’ve still got more than half my life left (gosh! is rather daunting innit!).


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