the list

Preparation (in no particular order)

  • Re-Read “prep for hospital” list
  • Pay Serge
  • Pay assistant Serge
  • Pay hospital
  • Fill Mirena prescription
  • Purchase cute pyjamas and fluffy slippers
  • Obtain large stack of wonderful/interesting/ghastly books
  • Purchase Season 5 of Murder She Wrote
  • Deep clean bathroom
  • Ensure line-dried clean sheets on bed from 010910
  • Ensure steady supply of fave snacks
  • Consume last meal (Dumplings!!) with Heather and not-Heather
  • Purchase and consume Fleet
  • Purchase and wrap Aunt’s birthday present (Don to send)
  • Complete all analysis for Annual Report
  • Plan meals for 2 weeks
  • Attend to eyebrows
  • Attend to hair
  • Attend to fingernails
  • Attend to toenails
  • Mentally compose the multitude of overdue posts
  • Organise/Process $2M quarterly payment for Most Important Client

Am sure there will be more to add – and, thankfully, only a week to go!


3 thoughts on “the list

  1. I will be thinking of you, I hope everything goes well. I have no time these days, I feel as though I've neglected you!

  2. Oooh! excellent link, curious! I ended up raiding the library for crime – particularly batshitcrazy crime (knitting crime, candlemaking crime – sadly realised I'd forgotten to grab the scrapbooking crime until I arrived home – yes, really! scrapbooking crime!)

    Harriet! My oldest INTERNET pal! Do not feel a smidge of guilt – I've been neglecting you for quite an age, but am madly curious about that job! <3

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