as my husband says, i’m having some health issues

Cold all better.

Then afflicted with horrid, itchy cold sore.

Now, this afternoon, Serge leaves me a telephone message that my iron levels are half what they should be and I should take iron.

But I am taking iron.

The iron levels explain why I’m experiencing most of the symptoms of anemia listed below and why my brain no work so good at the moment (and why it is difficult to construct any sort of coherent post – particularly one about our fabulous weekend furniture construction and another one about the machinations at the SaltMinesLimited).

As the condition becomes severe, increased cardiac stress may cause tachycardia, shortness of breath, and headaches. Leg cramps, dizziness, fatigue, and insomnia are common as anemia progresses, and are secondary to tissue hypoxia. Pallor is usually an effect of dermal vasoconstriction and blood redistribution. Moreover, in extreme situations, anemia may lead to coma and death. (from here)

Serge did say that if it was any consolation my iron levels confirmed that The Operation is a Very Good Idea.

I’m actually Very Much looking forward to The Operation. I want this whole thing OVER so I can stop walking about in a fog of ill-health and intellectual stupor.


3 thoughts on “as my husband says, i’m having some health issues

  1. I suggest taking ugg boots – hell you deserve brand new ones!

    And make sure you know where the morphine button is… because how often do you get a supply of morphine?

    I am suffering with a sympathy cold.

    Will be in Sydney next Tuesday-Friday if you want to catch up (or want a visitor. đŸ™‚

  2. I'd love to catch-up for a drink (health permitting!). I think the only day I'm free is Thursday – I'll pop you an email.

    Am in search of fluffy slippers – I think the haus is going to remain an ugg-boot free zone.

  3. I just laff my head off when I see press referring to uneccesary hysterectomies (usually bean counters without a uterus to call their own). Nobody with more than one brain cell does it unless neccesary but if you need it, oh the relief! CarolE

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