let’s get lost along the way

I’m so slow on the uptake that before I bandwagon-jumped, www.delicio.us had become delicious.com and is owned by yahoo!.

Really, though, for all those years, until we started the whole obsessive cooking thing, I really couldn’t see any need for shared bookmarks.

But now? Yes! Is fabulo.us!

Fabulo.us for impromptu shopping (when a meal is not on The List)! Fabulo.us for the kitchen computer! Fabulo.us for the iPhones. Fabulo.us for sharing between the other multitude of computers we own.

Currently, is very much a work in progress (and the faves are still printed out for The Folder), but a starting point. At this stage everything is mostly WCOIC recipes, and some others that are as yet untried – they really do need to be tagged (perhaps a convalescence project).

But, in the interim, enjoy the preliminary donandcarol cookering bookmarks.

Plus Dragnet(!) – which I’m totally watching in my convalescence … if only I could find Going to California.


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