wcoic day four: italia!

Due to popular demand from Don and Joe/Frank (and Bessie, who was displeased to miss out on a great deal of it) we went Italian for Giorno Quattro!

We started out with pizza for lunch, prepared by Bessie and Joe/Frank and aided by the 57 types of salami that reside in the smallgoods drawer of our refrigerator.

By Golly! I love teenagers and their independent ways!

Then on to Il Lebbio, which, for people who have not been playing along, is an invention of ours – named for the place we stayed in Toscana (I wanted something a smidge more complex, but was overruled). We took the leftover crusty loaf from last evening and Joe/Frank made bruschetta and garlic bread (all by his own self!).

Afterward … tiramisu. Bessie found this recipe on INTERNET. We worked on it during the afternoon and split it in two – Bessie took half home (other-fam are also doing the whole WCoIC exercise), only fair as they donated half the eggs. By Golly! it was delish. Heartily recommend!

Should have dusted with chocolate, but really didn’t need it. So! very! good!

4 for 4 (although could be considered somewhat of a cop-out, given that we weren’t trying terribly many new things).

But you should definitely try that tiramisu. And I should work up some recipe for the Il Lebbio, rather than scribbled notes.


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