wcoic day three: serbia

Really, there was nothing for it but Serbian Baked Beans. Especially as we had some of Don’s bacon in the freezer. I never really understood the whole INTERNET bacon love until my fabulous husband made his own.

Again, I was really nervous about this – it seemed like it was doomed. The beans were supposed to cook for 30-60 minutes, I just happened to check them after 20 minutes and they were almost falling to bits. I was also slightly worried at the simplicity of ingredients, I would have expected tomatoes or something.

I really shouldn’t have worried.

They were magnificent – very, very hearty and comforty (so hearty we were fortunate not to have planned dessert) and served with a crusty loaf.

A brilliant, inexpensive winter meal that we’ll be repeating.

3 for 3! Can the luck hold out?


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