wcoic day five: portugal

First day back to work after the long weekend and it was take-away.

Nandos! Chicken, chippies and spicy rice.

We could have chosen Oporto, as we have two roughly the same distance away, but:

  1. I think Oporto has become way too commercial and bland and burger-focussed
  2. I was really pleasantly surprised with the smoky, more complex flavour of Nandos.

See, we have such mad skills that we can go for the easy option and still be international!

And, yes HB – we’re turning back into What are Don and Carol eating? Promise more content (like Clive Cussler!) at some point.


3 thoughts on “wcoic day five: portugal

  1. I was toying with the idea of a eatin' side-blog, but then I would probably ignore this one. Perhaps I should roll everything for a week into one post, which can be enjoyed or ignored more readily.

    Oh darling daughter, you're such a funny poppet! Perhaps your palate needs to develop a little more.

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