As you are all no doubt aware, we took our second camping trip over the ANZAC Day long weekend.

This time out, now that we had a little experience under our belts, Don insisted that it wouldn’t be a proper camping trip unless we made s’mores! Being all into the cultural experiences (and having had ninety-billion references to them thrust at me through various mediums over the the years) I was all about giving it a bash.

First challenge – graham crackers don’t appear to exist here1, so we had to settle for next best thing, which according to INTERNET is digestive biscuits. We decided upon chocolate digestives to streamline the s’more-constructing process.

Second challenge – Australian marshmallows come in pink. Apparently this does not make for a Proper s’more – one needs white (we settled upon a white and pink packet) and white only.

Nonetheless, despite our we gave making them a shot on afternoon two (afternoon one being dominated by torrential rain and leeches)

(One of the things I love about camping is that I can legitimately get about in the most elegant of ensembles)

The verdict? Absolutely the most disgustingly sweet thing I have eaten in my life. It felt like my teeth would rot straight out of my head right then and there.

Don admitted afterward that he had only ever eaten them once before! And he then blamed our marshmallows, which are apparently far too sugary and not like American marshmallows at all.

1Don did order some from the fabulous USA Foods, but sadly they failed to arrive in time.


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