i didn’t really say which winter

My goal for this weekend is to complete the front of Don’s jumper. You remember – that one I said I would complete in January.

I was (and am) a little nervous about dividing for a vee-neck because I’ve only knitted round neck jumpers before. Fortunately after I wrote out a chart, and after sitting down with loads of MSW, things seem to be going okay. Well they seemed to be going okay 4 weeks ago, which was when I last picked it up (is currently sitting in the corner next to the stereogram taunting me).

So by golly, that front will be finished by Monday! Even if I have to re-watch multiple episodes of the fab Mrs Fletcher to do so.

And then on to the sleeves.

This has taught me a valuable lesson – I really think that I am more cut out for scarves and hats as I have the attention span of … a person with a very short attention span.


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