eatin: giorno edizione di compleanno

The downside of using twitter for some communications is that my darling eldest daughter feels neglected that her birthday was not celebrated on the blog (though of course did rate a mention on teh evil twitter).

Happy belated first old-lady (sans-family-cake) birthday to our most lovely and adored Joan.

I photographed a subtle, non-birdseye, non 400×400 photo of her celebratory meal, so as not to embarrass her.

Joan’s 22nd birthday, celebrated at Al Mustafa. This year, as at the last 3 years.

Hoummos with lamb and pine nuts
Baked Kebeh
Lamb Mansaf
Chicken Shawarma

We just <3 lebanese food.


4 thoughts on “eatin: giorno edizione di compleanno

  1. Oh I most certainly did draw it to her attention!

    Dinner was marvellous! I really need more lebanese food in our lives.

    We've almost fallen off the dinner deadline bandwagon, having quite nearly exhausted our cook books and this time of year one really wants foods that take hours and hours to cook (I really need a job that enables me to work from home, that or a slow cooker).

    And we've sadly been repeating a few meals of late – must shake things up.

  2. How did it come to be her birthday again?? I must be old, the years are going too fast. HJappy Belated Birthday!

    I forget to do the twitter thing :/

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