eatin: giorno cinquantasette e cinquantotto

The problem with Friday evening dinners on babies weekends is that the options for very quick and very easy seem to be rather limited.

We went through a phase where we cooked pizza all the time and became heartily sick of it, fortunately it has been an age since we had it and it was really marvellous indeed!


Pepperoni and salami pizza

Cooked by: Bessie

This time I actually took the camera along to the restaurant with me, but failed to remember to get it out until the meal was well completed.

So instead, enjoy our dessert. This was another lesson from the universe to not be so cocky about cooking – we’ve cooked this wonderful cake dozens of times and this was the first disappointment – bits of chocolate were not chopped finely enough, sank to the bottom and became a little crusty and spooty. Ah well! Quite nice indeed if you ate around the base!


Chocolate mud cake with double cream and ice-cream. Joe/Frank’s second birthday cake.

Cooked by: Carol and Bessie (with Joan assisting)


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