eatin: giorno cinquantacinque e cinquantasei

As Don says, if you’re cooking new things all the time, you’re bound to come up with merely adequate results occasionally. And thus it was so for dinners 45 and 46.

The good thing about the occasional, shall we say, passable meal is that it reminds us what very good cooks we usually are and how very well we do eat.

Cooked slightly too long – eggs a smidge rubbery, asparagus a wee bit soggy. Tomatoes on the other hand were absolutely, wonderfully delicious.

Note for next time: keep a closer eye on eggs, throw asparagus in with tomatoes about 10 minutes later. Try to remember precisely what I did with the tomatoes.

Baked eggs from Marie Claire: kitchen with roast tomato and asparagus

Cooked by: Don (eggs) and Carol (tomato and asparagus)

Beef somewhat overcooked, beans slightly undercooked. On the up side, the flavour was rather nice and we all did go back for seconds.

Note for next time: go with instincts on cooking time, not what recipe says. Ponder that perhaps hideously heavy-expensive wok is only ideal for slow-cooking and consider a cheap and cheerful model for stir-frying.


Honey mustard beef stir fry from Donna Hay: beef, lamb + pork

Cooked by: Don


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