lucky-dips for grown-ups

Goodness! Finally – not a food post! I’m sure you’re all very relieved.

Don was on a course down my end of town today and called me at 4ish saying he was finished for the day, so I gave myself an early mark and we spent a lovely 30-40 minutes cruising Red Eye and Lawsons and JBHiFi before heading home.

At Red Eye, when we went to pay for our purchases, we absolutely could not resist the following:

Don and I had been talking for a while about adding more random music to our lives, in a similar manner to my <6 book project and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Who knows what fabulous mysterious mysteries are contained within?

We’re waiting until the weekend to crack open the packages, just to prolong the suspense, but I will, most assuredly, be back with the results.


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