double six

We’ve recently instituted family bonding night on the Saturday evenings when the babies are both present, primarily so we spend some time away from our respective computers. Whoever has their name drawn from the hat can chose anything at all (game, movie, cooking, stroll &etc), but the rule is that it must be an activity we can all do together. So far it has been games, games, games.

Last week it was Bessie’s choice and we played the Game of Life. This week, my name was drawn out of the hat and I chose Dominoes (15 rounds of dominoes)!

At this stage Bessie and I have reigned supreme with our respective choices. Yay for the girlz in the boyzone haus!

We really need to expand our collection of board games, but they are hideously expensive and we all really abhor the modern versions of the games we want. We’re currently scouring eBay for vintage versions, but even those seem disproportionately expensive. Perhaps we need to cunningly craft our own as a family bonding activity.


3 thoughts on “double six

  1. We totally need family bonding time, I am afraid I spend way too much time saying “Not now, I can't now, I'm changing baby, baby is running wild, baby will eat cards/dice/monopoly money” etc etc.. such a bad mummy 🙁

  2. We have a game that I think J/F would like, I haven't seen it anywhere since I bought it and it was such a bargain for it's awesomeness – will see if I can track it down!

  3. You are so not a bad Mummy! It has taken me more than 16 years to institute this, so I'm not doing that great.

    Is loads of fun – much more so now that we are all kind of on a level playing field and one doesn't need to make allowances for lesser skilled ones.

    Would love to hear about a J/F game, we're all about expanding the repertoire!

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