she’d kick me in the balls

We do not celebrate Valentines Day in this haus, but Don has been buying me some lovely treats of late. He was quite horrified when a colleague enquired if his DJ’s bag contained Valentines gifts, because it had not registered at all that it was almost 14 February.

So mandarin-y! I love it. Totally reminds me of one of the best meals of my life at the Press Club in Melbourne, where the bathrooms are full of Aesop products, which is what prompted Don to buy it.

And, cheese! Truly, this man knows the way to my heart.

And even though we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, Bessie made heart-shaped french toast for brekkie this morning.

As always, it was marvellous! She’s turning into an excellent cook, that one.


One thought on “she’d kick me in the balls

  1. We don't celebrate it either, I didn't realise until there was some crap on the telly about it this morning. But that french toast is very cute đŸ™‚

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