Following the lovely smallstakes lead, I made this delightful mosiac of my January eatin2010 project photographs with this excellent tool.

I realised that while I may absolutely adore my wedgwood aquarius dinnerware above all others, the white plates really are much better for photographing food and have a less darkifying effect.

Some unkind people, such as my husband, will say that my pix lack imagination/creativity, and while I agree this is true on some levels, I just adore the way they are all lined up neatly in wee rows and are ever-so-slighly-not identical! It makes me ridiculously pleased with myself!

In other news, I’m moving unnecessary/little used items from the spare room to the garage for the impending arrival of the not-so-wee bundle! Nesting, I think they call it.

I now have an enormous pile of sewing/crafting supplies next to my desk which I’ve removed from the wardrobe and which need to be organised/culled.

Have no idea on the time frame for that, but it is so large and unsettling that I am sure I will not be able to tolerate it for too long. Unfortunately there is still another tub in the cupboard and a couple of outposts of thread and buttons stored elsewhere.

Am terribly glad I was persuaded by the ever-brilliant curiouslyminty to ditch the Elizabeth George from the ≤$6 ≤6 words project.

If you’d like to read a ghastly novel with uninteresting plot and unsympathetic, annoying characters, I can highly recommend it! I’ll even post it to you if you like.

I’m so much happier now that I’ve moved on to a Fay Weldon from my stash (still qualifies as ≤$6 because it was a freebie with a magazine I bought Joan when she was rushed back to hospital after having her tonsils out). Although being less ghastly will no doubt have the effect of me staying up until 2am to complete it.


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