newest member of the family

Further to my scathingly brilliant inspiration, I’d like to introduce you all to GerryScotti:

New Car is a Honda Accord Euro, so naturally he had to have a totally Euro name. After considering and quickly dismissing names such as “Fabio” and “Mario”, we’ve named him for the most fabulous television personality in Italia!

Gerry Scotti (at right) from our televsion in Alberi

Gerry Scotti appeared to be ubiquitous on Italian television and we came to find Gerry-spotting vastly entertaining. Whenever we turned the television on, no matter what time of day or night – there he was, very much like an Italian version of Bert Newton. Also, given that Signor Scotti was an MP for the Italian Socialist Party and New Car is a rather gorgeous red, it seemed a natural association.

As you can see, the similarities are endless! GerryScotti is equally as portly as his namesake. It is quite a tight squeeze in the garage, we’ve had to employ yoga mats to prevent possible scrape-age.

We’re most delighted with GerryScotti, even if he is not nearly so pretty as his predecessor, it’s all about the personality.


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