touristy snaps

Over the weekend we took the New Car and the in-laws for a drive to two of our fave longish drive destinations.

Given his comparatively large size, New Car is surprisingly significantly easier to handle than Bav. There are still a number of things to become accustomed to though, Bav was almost 2/3 the width of New Car and so when I go to look in the left mirror, for example, I momentarily panic and wonder where it is (oh, I need to look over there).

Oh! Oh! Just this second, I’ve had a sudden scathingly brilliant TM HM via CB* inspiration for a name for New Car, but will need to run it by the co-owner. I’m sure you’ll be hanging by your toe-nails in anticipation.

On with the photos! A very 1960s australian honeymoon vibe to them I think.

Palm Beach:

Blue Mountains:

*Hayley Mills via Cellobella


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