i guess i could always have another baby

Interesting that being back at work, despite the workload being quite cruisey and despite enjoying a really rather lovely, very long, boozy lunch with DishyBoss, PaisleyBaggins and AnxiousMum, had a considerably negative impact on my mental state. So that when I was walking home in the gorgeous afternoon, I was really quite miserable and hating on everything (things are orders of magnitude better now that I am back in the nest!).

Fortunately, I have that appointment with the Mental Health Professional on Friday afternoon, so maybe we can set the ball rolling into being less miserable, because unless some sort of miracle occurs, I’ll be having to deal with the relentless income earning for quite a long while yet.

I’ve been attempting to be much less work obsessed and much more relaxed since the “episode”, certainly I am trying not to work quite such long hours, am somewhat more lazified and also trying not to use work for my sense of identity (surely the biggest of my problems! I need to remind myself that I can be awesome without neeeding the validation of Marie Celeste). And I need to use that lazified time more actively, more of the emailing friends (apologies to the teeming masses I owe emails to) and less with the mindless skimming of various websites.


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