any time, baby let’s go, every day should be a holiday*

Today’s Nice Thing was feasting on wine and cheese at the park in front of the Donandcarol haus.

Very nice it was too, even if we drank our wine from tumblers (Don calls it rustic, I pretend it is a wine glass).

While we do have the best view in the world (and a much better view than at the park), it is quite lovely to get out amongst it, so many people promenading and so many lovely doggies (although you can’t tell it from the rather ordinary pix)!

I took the time to finish reading Annabel Crabb’s essay on Malcolm Turnbull (part of my schwag from renewing my crikey subscription), which was really most excellent and well worth a read if you can get your hands on a copy.

And many thanks and hugs to my wonderful and beloved imaginary internet friends for their kind thoughts and good wishes.

*Dandy Warhols, from when they were good.


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