ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for excellence: 2009 week 26

Apologies for the slackedness in regularly updating, I’d blame the crazy, but I fear it is simply sloth.

Current standings at the end of the regular season are below:

1. Carol (255 points)
2. Joe/Frank (245 points)
3. Don (231 points)
4. Dfkan (212 points)
5. Bessie (198 points)

And, for everyone playing at home, current standings in tip the tipsterer are:

1. The most excellent Harriet
2. The fabulous Jano (who will be exceedingly displeased with Don for forgetting to tip on two occasions)
3. The delightful Hazelblackberry (carol+bessie/2)
4. The lovely and mysterious Nikki


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