i don’t think i want to knit a p3n1s

So if you are lazy like me and use google reader, you’ll know that there’s a “Top Recommendations” link over on the top right hand side of the home page. I’ve found some quite fabulous blogs from this link, but it can be very much like etsy (loads of dross to find the treasures).

Top Recommendations, just a click away.

I’m not sure how the algorithm for the recommendations works. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, but willing to have a wild stab in the dark, it seems to be based on the types of blogs you’ve recently added – so, for example, when I added Melissa C Morris, I was recommended loads of tiresome, preppy wankers1 and when I subscribed to the super-splendidly wonderful needled, I was recommended loads of lesser knitting blogs churning out all manner of hideousities (which I promptly clicked the “no thanks” button on).

But recommendations also seems as though it could have some basis in what you’ve been recently posting about (oh Google, you know everything about me! Note to self: diversify). Having a bit of time on my hands today (with being sick and the endless drilling from above preventing me from napping), I had a good deal of time to wander idly around the internet and eventually clicked on the Top Recommendations link. I haven’t added any blogs for ages, but I have been posting about knitting a little bit and what do you know?

Two knitting blogs: one perfectly ghastly (no thanks!) and one I had bookmarked an age ago for the most perfectly lovely jumper and forgotten about completely (naturally, added to the list).

Then there was this one other blog.

I’m not entirely sure why google thinks I’d like to look at semi-naked and totally naked (with bits!) buffed gay men. Or which of you in my blogroll caused it to be recommended to me by being linked thematically in some way that I can’t even begin to understand. Looks darkly at list.

No I’m not showing you the bits – they are just for me!
(well, okay, you could see them if you went to the url).

There are an awful lot of muscles though:

Who knew that knitting could be so risque!

1Of course, MCM, Chappy and Monty are not tiresome wankers at all! *air kisses* We love you!


2 thoughts on “i don’t think i want to knit a p3n1s

  1. Obviously you are way more interesting than me. My top recommendation? Parliamentary Library Web Site Publications. And you know I would not jest about that kind of loserdom.

    So you can safely assume the muscles algorithm didn't come from ME.

  2. I don't know if I believe you Jano. I'm sure all that talk of vesting dates and trusts and stuff are euphamisms for something unseemly.

    I got the Parlimentary Library a couple of weeks ago, so maybe your're in for muscles yet.

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