my very first hat!

Bloody hell, that was fast! Three hours-ish – with the ends still to be woven in and flower to be made and attached. And cheap! Goodness! It only took half a ball of 4ply merino baby wool (I think that works out at about $3.75).

My utterly stunning hat model. Isn’t he pretty?

I did have to add a couple of rows to the bottom, probably because the baby wool was proabably slightly thinner than “thin-worsted yarn”, so was undoubtedly not to the correct gauge (plus I was probably crocheting a little tightly because of unfamiliarity with the size of the hook).

That was fun! I’m planning to try some different weights of wool/yarn (whatever is lying about, if I can remember where I’ve hiddent the deliberately very small stash) and variants of the pattern.

I think the lovely model gets a hat next, think I might just give the flower and lacey bits a miss on his.


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