i thought twitter was reducing the number of posts, but my posting stats prove otherwise

My adored Harriet received her “winnings” from the first Don and Carol giveaway and had this to say:

I have tried Dr Stuart’s tea and followed Dr Stuart’s instructions for Extraordinarily Good Tea but alas it did taste quite revolting.

I am extraordinarily pleased to learn that it wan’t just me.


I don’t know what to say about the fact that I have been taking dozens of more photos with my iphone than I have with my Expensive Camera. But please “enjoy” some of the fuzzy, artful output …

Went to grab some chuck steak from our fave purveyor of meat (for a casserole which is currently in the oven) and got a free calendar – we were desperately hoping that it would feature Dave when we unfurled it, sadly there was a dog (just. what?).

Prep for dumplings for the top of aforesaid casserole (parsley, sun dried tomatoes and parmesan). I don’t think I’ve eaten dumplings in this style before.

Oh, darling Nige! I love everything you do, so I am trying Hot Chocolate Puddings (Kitchen Diaries: Page 52,54-55)

Primarily because after hazelblackberry’s obsession with Nutella, I had to try some and I really don’t think I could stomach it on a sandwich.


8 thoughts on “i thought twitter was reducing the number of posts, but my posting stats prove otherwise

  1. My goodness, I have been quoted, that’s a bit exciting. Thank you ever so much for the revolting tea!
    Nutella is an abomination. It is Very Good for you you know, because it has hazelnuts in it – never mind all that pesky sugary chocolate, slather it on your kids sandwiches and feel like a good parent!

  2. And it’s completely full of transfats! For about twenty years I ate it on sandwiches almost every day under the misapprehension that this was better for me than cake. My cholestoral levels say otherwise.

  3. The verdict? I don't know that I could eat it by itself, it was waaaaay to rich and dense. I did like the hazelnut flavour though (but I'm a huge fan of hazelnuts). Worked quite a treat in nige's puddings, although I think I've gained about 5kg with all of the nige stuff I've been scoffing lately.

    Dfkan & HB, I could totally see it as an icecream topping – slightly warmed – which would (i suspect) make it a bit more runny.

    Harriet, I am a Bad Mother! I never had nutella in the house, so am unsure where Dfkan got her taste for it (perhaps one of those rebellious things one does when one moves out?).

    MB, how terrible! Given the choice between nutella and cake, I think my body should be pleased that I always chose the cake!

    This was typed on the iPhone on the way to the salt mines – apologies in advance for typos / incoherence.

  4. I don’t give it to my kids either, they always had it at Grandma’s house and then asked incessantly for me to purchase it on their return!

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