a sunday afternoon on the island(s) of la glebe et annandale

Don and I decided that it was such a marvellous day today that we’d go for a wee stroll and see where we ended up.

We walked through the park …

This was about the only place in the park where one wasn’t in danger of tripping over dogs or children.

And up to Annandale, where we came across hundreds of people at an auction in progress. Lawsons were auctioning the contents of The Abbey. The building and surrounds were fabulously decrepit, some areas too dangerous to venture into and were blocked off. The prices people were paying for utter rubbish were quite amazing!

As loath as I am to link to the tele, they have much more interesting photos than I do.

After completing our explorations, we continued down Johnston Street – land of churches …

And public telephones with phone books!

And home via Forest Lodge …

One of Sydney’s many idiosyncrasies is retaining historical artifacts (read: random bits of old buildings) completely out of context of their original function.

So you’ll often see industrial chimneys dotted throughout the landscape in residential areas …


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