dr orange johnson, please pick up the 6th floor telephone1

Don is immensely delighted with the outcome of the eyeburning.

I won’t go into the the graphic details of the procedure, if you are curious you can search for them elsewhere on the internets. The good news is that all is healing nicely and the doctor is very pleased with the progress.

Eyeburning building on Macquarie Street.

Amusing ourselves during the long wait (about an hour) by examining the contents of The Pack. The Pack is chockers with all manner of eyedrops and drugs!

The aftermath – all swollen and hurty. I fussed about with cups of tea and pats of the head.

The plastic shields were taped to his eyes so he couldn’t rub them (and perhaps dislodge the flap2) – kind of in the style of those buckets you stick around the necks of doggies. I’ll need to tape them over his eyes before bed for the next week.

The new eyedrops schedule – this will be the regimen for the next week or two

I had expected it to be a couple of days for it all kicked in properly, but after being tested, his eyes are already at 20/20 (up from … I don’t know … complete crap … on the vision scale). Don donned (ha!) his old glasses today for a couple of seconds and was all, “goodness, I really *couldn’t* see!”

Let the eating spicy food without glasses falling off and exercising without having to remember to have enough contacts commence! Well, let all that commence in a couple of weeks when authority has been given.

1title from The Rockford Files: Just by accident
2Yes, this makes me feel slightly queasy too.


5 thoughts on “dr orange johnson, please pick up the 6th floor telephone1

  1. Goodness! Don is very brave! Best wishes for Very Fast healing! I can’t even bear the thought of putting contacts in my eyes let alone having them lasered! I will be bespectacled forever, I think!

  2. No! Harrier! You should! Don is so thrilled with the results. He is delighted that he can wake up in the morning and see without intervention.

    HB, just be glad I spared you the description of the sucker and the bruised eyeballs!

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