Yesterday’s post, sucked into the ether – to be enjoyed today.

Given that we had 1.5 cups of stale cornflakes left and that was the precise amount the recipe called for, I whipped up another batch of the cornflake cookies – this time with coconut (a fine and recommended addition to any biscuit).

Golly, I hate the transition into non daylight savings time, it makes me quite grumpish during the working week. Particularly arriving home in the dark – it takes a bit of getting used to and I am not quite there yet. Weekends are easy and fun, I care not if it is daylight savings or not! And there are loads of things one can do, weeknights – dark, tired, blech!

I definitely need a project (more long term than baking cookies) to keep me upbeat while I acclimate – and perhaps some form of artificial sun. Or another holiday. Perhaps I need to read The Secret and manifest myself one (either a sun or a holiday, I’m not fussy).


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