Toddled off to Gleebooks tonight to see Eric Beecher and Chris Masters in conversation about the newly released Best Australian Political Writing 2009. I won free passes from my Crikey subscriber email. I never win anything, so I was pretty chuffed.

Although I have to wonder why it is that I win free tickets and never win, say, a car or a trip. Come on universe, a holiday would be pretty gosh darn nice right about now.

I was rather amazed at the number of bolshie elderly folk there. I’m developing this theory that university students and retired people are the most idealistic and politically engaged. Possibly this is because they are free from the cares of mindnumbing, endless enslavement to The Man. Just an embryonic theory at the moment, I’m willing to be dissuaded.

Anyway, we both quite enjoyed ourselves. What struck me most was that apparently The Australian is not the squalid, right-wing rag that one might ordinarily suppose – certainly better than the Fairfax offerings, which, lets face it, is not terribly difficult. I have a hankering to investigate (once I get over that “I need a shower” feeling which comes with looking at a News Limited newspaper).

A beer while we wait – very civilised. I quite enjoyed browsing books, beer in hand (not a bad drop either, just quietly). In fact, I will return to buy myself 397 ways to pick a DVD, which I spent a very nice 15 minutes with.

Afterward, we dodged the pouring rain and grabbed a bite at the Ancient Britton. Which leads nicely into … half eaten meals!

Don’s laksa supreme. Honestly, you could wear the bowl as a hat. According to the menu (and the website [scroll to the bottom]) Geoff Huegill claims it is the best laksa in Sydney (kind of explains how he gained all that extra weight), and to be honest, I’m not sure that he is that far off – it’s quite delicious. Although, sadly, I could never order it for myself – I cannot eat laksa in public, I end up covered in it (such is the elegant, dainty little flower that I am).

Singapore noodles for me. A bargain at $10 and really very yummy (although does not touch the laksa in fabulousness). Yes, that really is a half-eaten meal. They have absolutely enormous servings.

Again, so much for the not drinking! Oh well, there is always next week to get back on the wagon.


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