oui oui oui1 (belatedly)

Completely forgot that I’d not posted about Don’s becoming totally Oz, so here is a catchup post.

Finally! After many, many months, Don finally received notice that his citizenship ceremony would would be happening in early March. Dfkan and I were the guests (Joe/Frank and Bessie still being in school – which was fortunate as Don was only permitted a maximum of three guests).

The ceremony itself was a lot better than I had expected (when I worked in Local Government back in the 90s, I worked a couple of citizenship ceremonies, so I was expecting the worst). It fun and casual, lots of cheering and rejoicing, very inclusive. If you can get along to one hosted by the City of Sydney, you really should!

Horribly, the national anthem included the second verse – fortunately crib notes were provided. Really! Who knows the second verse? (except primary school children, who, I believe, are forced to sing/memorise it).

We celebrated afterward with a feast of party pies and mini sausage rolls, followed by a barbie. Of course there was a special “shrimps on the barbie” option just for Don. Dessert featured a choice betwen Paddle Pops and Golden Gaytimes. Passiona was the non-alcoholic beverage option (we tried to find Fosters for the alcoholic option, but failed [possibly because no-one drinks it] and had to settle for Carlton Draught).

Gifts included much Oz memorabilia from various $2 shops (although many of the items were more than $2): tee-shirt, jacket, boxer shorts, hat, socks, thongs (sadly, socks and thongs were not worn together), magnets, flags, coaster, stickers and tattoos. I looked far and wide for a stubbie holder, without success. Amazingly much of this fine clothing has not been worn since.

Here are some photographs of the special daaaaay:

All geared up

Really, you can’t be totally Oz without the aussie thongs.

The celebratory party pies and sausage rolls (with celebratory candles)

1One of Don’s congratulatory cards said “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oui Oui Oui”. Perhaps a shout out to La Perouse?


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