After the first effort at kayaking on Friday, first time we’ve done yoga in the park and the first cooking of cornflake cookies on Saturday evening …

Today, Don and I joined the ranks of the adults with the purchase of the first “proper” cutlery service for either of us. No, we haven’t been eating with our fingers up to this point (unless you include ikea/kmart cutlery as eating with your fingers).


As part of the continuing series of photos of half eaten meals …

Ploughman’s lunch at the DJs cheese counter. The first time I have eaten at a DJs counter (normally the counters are 7 people deep and I don’t venture anywhere near them).

Highlights were the Pheasant Farms pate and the Ashgrove cloth matured cheddar. Oh, and my glass of Sticks Sauv Blanc (what is this not drinking you speak of?) – which was quite lovely indeed.

Yesterday, we ventured out to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to view the Arhibald Prize finalists. Don’s first Archibald viewing.

Don thinks about voting in the People’s Choice, but then decides nothing really grabbed him.

We discovered we both preferred the Wynne and Sulman entries to those of the Archibald. Possibly because the Wynne and Sulman weren’t accompanied by turgid, wanktastic artist statements. As Don noted, “art would be much more enjoyable without the artists”. Right on, baby.

While we were there we decided it was about time we became members (something we’ve been considering for a while). And so joined (thus upping our wanker quotient by rather a lot) and then wallowed about in the member’s lounge for a time – away from the rabble.

They’ve a rather wonderful Rosalie Gascoigne in the member’s lounge, as well as a quite well stocked library.

Now all I have to do is start watching Rugby and my wankitude level will be set to 11.


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