frugality and creative re-use

Sadly this isn’t one of those crazy frugal tips posts. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen an insane frugal tip for ages – if you have seen one, please, please send it to me!

It’s all about using what we have and reducing our footprint etc etc (ie. not tossing stuff in the bin unnecessarily).

So we have cornflake cookies:

Made from ever-so-slightly stale organic cornflakes1 (which I would have otherwise tossed), craisins and sultanas.

I used this recipe (which I’ve not tried before), but subbed half of the sultanas for craisins.

I haven’t tasted them yet, but on reflection, I probably should have chucked some coconut in – everything is better with coconut.

1our packet had a not as cute monkey

Don’s contribution to frugality was Matt’s spectacular fromage fort

We have adored this before and adored it again.

Combined with a thinly sliced, oven crisped, ever-so-slightly stale pane di casa roll from bakers delight, it was a fantabulous afternoon snack.

Also, you may have noticed that I’m all about the

tag at the moment.

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