what financial crisis?

Tonight, Don and I ventured out to the opening of the wanktastic art Sydney 2008

With small works starting at $800 (there were some rather insignificant miniscule pieces around the $300 mark), the financial crisis did not seem to be affecting those buying art. There was a very long queue for wrapping and every second person seemed to have something with them.

We came home $6.5K poorer.

Yes, you did read that K right.

$6.5K … that is a lot of red beans and rice. Bloody hell.

But we are so jazzed about our purchases and can’t wait for them to be delivered (even if it means super debt for a while).

Our first purchase was a glorious piece by Cristina Torchia (delivered tomorrow) and destined for over the bed.

And this for Don’s 40th (rather than the planned Tag watch), which currently has a red dot on it and which we can obtain on Tuesday. And which is utterly compelling and fabulous – really, I cannot even convey how fabulous it is In Real Life. And the artist is just such a sweetie.

Pix of the real things to follow.

Meanwhile … gulp!

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