I think I’ve failed to mention that Don’s mom1 is coming to stay with us (in our very small flat) for five weeks commencing 1 December – which should prove interesting and, if I may be so bold, challenging.

Anyway, as part of our prep for the visit we’ve been considering searching for a chest of drawers for the spare room – can’t have Mom living out of a suitcase for five weeks. Yesterday, we visited the second-hand furniture shop we’ve had some success with in the past and found the perfect thing straight away. Yay us!

When we were removing the drawers to carry the thing upstairs, Don found this wee piece of film wedged into one of them…

It is really tiny (8mm) and, despite lots of squinting, it is pretty impossible to tell what the subject is.

Of course, my guess was p0rn.

I was planning to scan it in an effort to prove my “it totally is p0rn” theory – but the scanner is packed away and I need to reinstall the drivers on the PC and I am lazy – so I tried to take a shot on the macro setting and enlarge it in photoshop, whereupon I ended up with this:

I think we can agree that it is totally porn.

I really do need to unpack that scanner, although I believe that Paisley Baggins (in my wee Department at Marie Celeste) has a slide scanner – which might yield better results. I’m not sure how that conversation would go, “Hey, I think I’ve found this vintage p0rn, could you scan it for me?”

1I spell/write it “mom” because she is, of course, American, and it looks silly to write “mum”.

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