nice (but somewhat insane) thought

Remember when I said I believed there would be insurance – the school was actually suggesting that *our* insurance might cover it.

An interesting thought, but our excess is more than the laptop is worth (and really, no insurance company in their right minds would pay out under those circumstances).

So it is off to eBay to acquire a replacement (and get some guarantees that there will be more adequate security measures in future).

And try to be chilled.

5 thoughts on “nice (but somewhat insane) thought

  1. I have a similar issue in regards to my break in with respect to excess. It’s such a pain! Surely the school has enough public liability to cover the cost of a loss on their grounds? Or if they don’t…. (the journalist’s mind ticks over!)

  2. Oh! that is totally suckful – and you also have the annoyance of having to get all new cards too. I’m glad they didn’t take your lovely wee computer though. Goodness, thieves are tiresome (and loathsome). With the increase in the number of (private) schools requiring all their students have laptops for school use, I’m really interested in what happens with theft in those situations. Although they’d be shiny new things and not an eight year old clunky one that no-one in their right mind would take.There will be a meeting to discuss the way forward – might be a time to raise their public liability then.

  3. I really can’t believe the school didn’t cover it – I would be livid! My young Daisy (who turned EIGHT yesterday!!) left her violin at school last week .. not that there’s many ’round these ‘ere parts cultured enough to covet a violin – but had it “gone missing” it is rather worrisome that the school would not compensate, given that they requested that she join their strings program .. She is getting a new one for christmas anyway, but that’s not the point .. what was I saying ? we are not getting much sleep at the moment and I am running 0on caffeine, can you tell just a little bit?

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