inanimate objects and attachment to same

As long time readers of this blog would be aware, I am ridiculously attached to my beloved t20 laptop – eight years of solid service (in various iterations) & still performing.

So when Joe/Frank needed a laptop for school because of his writing problems and the school-provided one was a piece of crap (and his support class asked us if we could possibly provide a better one for him), I reformatted, lovingly reinstalled software and drivers and bought a new battery for it. It is quite battered and very much looks its age, but a perfect machine for school.

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Joe/Frank left it in the support classroom on Friday and went off to another class. When he came back the aide couldn’t locate it, but assumed someone else had locked it away.

Which of course they hadn’t.

Yes, some little fucktard had stolen it. It lasted TWO whole days at school before it was nicked. Nicked from a classroom for disabled kids. Honestly, it is enough to turn one into a ranty right-wing law and order type.

I believe there will be insurance, which is something, but I’d like to give someone a very good kicking right about now.

Vale, wee, lovely puter, thanks for doing such a marvellous job.

2 thoughts on “inanimate objects and attachment to same

  1. Harriet! Yay!(I really should email you!)New laptop has been bought (from eBay) – now waiting for delivery. It’s a couple of years younger than the T20 (a T23), and means we can use the spares we have. And I’m totally in love with the T-series – robust and awesome (I’d totally buy one for myself if I wasn’t using Gertrude).

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