testing my zen

Yesterday at lunch I visited Dfkan, who was looking very lively and almost back to normal. She ate pasta in the evening and had friends to visit and was just peachy indeed.

1.30am saw me sitting on a very uncomfortable plastic chair next to her while she sat in a recliner and coughed up blood in St Vincent’s emergency. She was in a recliner because there were no beds, even as a private patient there were no beds, even in the attached private hospital there were no beds. All elective surgery was cancelled today because there were no beds.

Dkfan finally managed to get a bed of sorts at around 3pm (yes, that PM is not a typo). I say a bed of sorts because it is a kind of holding area off emergency, but at least it has sheets and a pillow. They ran out of pillows before we arrived, so she had to use a folded up hospital blanket. Seriously, I wonder if there are actually any wards in St Vincents hospital, because I have never actually seen one. Perhaps these people who are “taken to the wards” are actually being made into Soylent Green.

Anyway, after dozens of hydrogen peroxide gargles and lots of magic stuff through a cannula, the haemorrahaging has settled, but they are keeping her at least overnight (in aforesaid holding area). General view is that she will be fine, but they just want to make sure before they release her.

I have finally arrived home, far too exhausted to sleep and in desperate need of a shower.

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