Hurrah! Dfkan was finally released from hospital early Friday afternoon. We read magazines and watched perfectly awful morning television to kill the endless time while waiting for discharge (always extremely tiresome). Not being a magazine reader, I was quite surprised that seemingly every magazine out there now comes with freebies attached. We scored two totes (InStyle and Bazaar) and a Fay Weldon novel (some $2.99 super-lame English mag called She, which I only bought for the novel).

I insisted Dfkan spend Friday afternoon and night here, because I wanted to watch and fuss over her (particularly should she need to be rushed back to hospital – please, please, no!) and because Don has a rather nasty sinus infection and I wanted to watch and fuss over him too and it is infinitely easier to fuss in the same location. And, selfishly, I wanted get on top of the housework and spend at least some time with the poor holidaying babies – who were somewhat neglected during their sojourn here (they were delivered home Friday night).

Dfkan is staying over again tonight because she needs a little more Mummy attention and will attempt to consume semi-solid food [paella] this evening. Fingies crossed for no further emergency room visits.

And speaking of hospitals, I would very highly recommend if you do have occasion to visit the emergency room, that on your way racing out of the house, you grab a pillow (a cushion, pillow from the bed, anything). Really, after spending 17 hours in an uncomfortable plastic chair, your back and neck will thank you (and I will totally be your hero). A bottle of water, tissues and facial wipes would not go astray either, nor would headache tablets – fortunately those are essential supplies in my bag, but I really, really would have loved that pillow.

Actually, when I first had a car (a gorgeous acid green 1975 Galant named Darren1), at the very elderly age of 30, I kept a couple of cushions in him (which were invaluable in many situations – including a dreadful late-night accident I narrowly missed on being a part of, cushions proved useful for conforting the injured), it might be time to break some out for Bav. If I’d had them in Bav at the time of the emergency dash, I could have simply walked outside and been infinitely more comfortable for the duration.

1To rhyme with … ermmm … Carol.

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  1. “When I ran over my grandmother …” is possibly the most fabulous comment ever. It just stops all train of thought and leaves the reader with mouth agape.I wish I could lock it at the top – perhaps I can persuade you to post it daily.

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