Obviously not hunting wabbits

On Saturday evening, Don, the babies and I enjoyed several rousing rounds of Buzz on the ps2 to celebrate the first day of the hols. It’s a totally fun game. No really! I know what you are thinking because I thought that too until I played it … Totally awesome family fun!

Anyway, Don and I had enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and things were quite competitive and there was lots of the “in your face!” and “nooooooo!!!” and “yes!”and “argh! i mean’t to press the other button!” etc etc. As I say, rousing, exuberant even. We retired quite late (around 12.30am) with me victorious! In your faces, Don, Joe/Frank and Bessie! What? Me competitive?

Fast forward to last night. Quite late we heard a rustling at the front door. The crazy lady downstairs has been in peak form the last week or so (yelling at me on Friday and making me cry1 and bailing up the neighbours in the foyer), so we thought it was her wandering about looking for more neighbours to bail up.

This morning, we discovered the a letter at our front door – on solicitor (in immigration law) letterhead. It is reproduced below (with some details omitted).

[our address redacted]

Dear Occupiers

Re: Noise Problem

Our [name redacted] is the owner and occupier of a home unit near to the home unit occupied by yourselves.

On the evening of 27 September 2008 loud conversations in the living room of the home unit you occupy occurred until late at light.

The home units in the block are close together and loud noise from your living room can be heard clearly in many other units when the windows are open.

If there is a repetition of such noise legal action will be taken against both the owner and occupiers of the property without further notice.

Yours Faithfully
[solictor/complainer name redacted]

Who said hey in the what now?

Our game was too noisy? So you’re not complaining about really loud music or a party, you’re complaining about a family playing a game?

So, Grumpy old dude, don’t knock on our door and ask us to shut the hell up, don’t yell “shut up” to us from your window, wait 4 days and skulk about late at night when you think we are asleep and slip a cowardly letter threatening legal action under our door.

Suffice to say, we were somewhat taken aback. This dude was easily googleable and given his background, we’re pretty sure that he does not live in our block, because, despite the stellar views, the block is pretty manky. So we are down to either an employee who lives in our block using the boss’s letterhead, or dude lives in the waterside block just down from us. Investigations continue (whitepages have been of no help).

Don did the right thing and sent a carefully worded apologetic email – compleat with phone numbers should we cause distress or loss of amenity again. And stating that we’re reasonable people – we’ll shut up if asked.

Really, I’d just like to punch him in the dick.

1I was a little tense at the time

6 thoughts on “Obviously not hunting wabbits

  1. Punch him in the dick? You’re assuming he has one. Getting a lawyer to write to you means he obviously has no balls. He must also be pretty lonely sitting there all by himself listening to the neighbours have a good time. That’s totally outrageous and a likely case of harassment, IMHO.

  2. Yeah, bloody lawyers. If you do have some problems in the future, drop me a line and I’ll help you out – I can threaten nicely with the best of them!

  3. CB, I’d love to leave him a pair of industrial ear-muffs in fluoro orange – we just have to work out precisely where he lives. To assuage our curiousity, we’re going to check out the electoral roll when things settle down health-wise and work wise.James, lawyer = complainant. I’m pretty sure he his no dick either. I could perfectly understand if he objected to our music – which can be somewhat challenging to the old and dickless and somewhat (often) loud too.Jano, you are a peach! And quite probably the only perfectly sane lawyer I know.

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