Oh dear blog, why do I neglect you so?

Anyway, here are the usual snippets I post when I’ve been neglectful…

Dfkan is recovering nicely from The Operation. I reprised my Awfully Fussy Mummy role – cleaned the terribly messy flat, prepared scrambled eggs and mashed potato and lemon cordial (no requests for carcass juice yet) and generally soothed her fevered brow (and fussed and stressed and stressed and stressed).

Adult tonsillectomies are definitely not all about the ice-cream and jelly – more about the extreme pain and the throwing up.

It has been quite odd getting about my old stomping grounds over the last few days. Even after 2 years the staff at Potts Point Woolies remain largely unchanged. The vibe of the area is still Totally Wanktastic and Poseur-ish (one tends to forget how very much of the TW and P-ish it is when one does not live there). I felt my posture become a little straighter, my supercillious sneer become a little sneerier. I unembraced the DFH1 and embraced my inner snob (luckily the snob seems to be never very far from the surface).

Strange how in such a small area of a city, attitudes can be so totally different.

Also, if you live in the area, you should totally visit the fruit + veg shop near the post office and buy flowers – I scored a dozen tulips for $10 for the invalid (1/5 of what I forked out for same at World Square).

I still can’t quite believe I’m using gertrude as my primary computing machine. Sure, Fenton and I owned dozens and dozens of low end macs back in the day – but they were for playing and not for regular use. A browser is a browser is a browser, and I can “apple-c”+”apple+v” with the best of them, but I miss the backspace key, I miss photoshop, I fear I will have to divert the babies’ attention and cunningly reclaim kahuna to edit my pix and I have loads of pix to post.

We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon enjoying Festival of the Boot Part 1 and watching a rather lacklustre grand final. And, of course, having left it too late to break his fingers (I’ll keep that in mind for next year though, Jano), Don won the ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for excellence and Dfkan the ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for suckitude (aka wooden spoon).

Babies are currently in situ for week one of the holidays. I doubt we will see very much of them, given that they appear to be permanently attached to their computers.

I really can’t complain – I base my whole parenting schtick on trying to remember what I would have wanted a parent to be (and at that age I wanted to be left alone with my books and stereo) – so far it seems to be serving me very well (my relationship with Dfkan is everything I could have wanted – well it is now, don’t talk to me about those late teenage years)

Teenagers are awfully greasy, aren’t they?

Not being at work for the last 3 days as been kind of awesome (despite the Fussing Mummy stress). Where can I find a magical job that involves not having to visit the office?

Actually, having The Babies here, caring for the terribly ill Dfkan, having a crazy-busy work week ahead seem all the more manageable because Anxious Mum will be on annual leave and not in the tiny office stressing out about every little thing. I feel relaxed! I feel like I can take all sorts of stuff in my stride! Honestly, being trapped in a small space with a person whose stress and anxiety is palpable does not make for a great working environment. At times I just want to shake her and say, “just chill the fuck out!”.

Anyway, off get dressed and make my way the The Celeste…

1Dirty Fucking Hippie

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  1. I can’t believe I’m still maintaining the chill after the week that has been. Sadly though, I didn’t get to enjoy the absence of the whiny, nasally voice and the stress as much as I would have liked.Perhaps I need to spike her tea with some valium…

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