got you on my mii-iiiind

Today saw the second anniversary of our first date (awwwwww), which we celebrated by walking across the Glebe Island bridge (which was closed for the marathon), taking some fabulously pleasing photos, enjoying a rather nice brekkie at H20 at Pyrmont, getting terribly, terrribly sunburned – and finished off by cooking a rather divine chili prawn linguine and dancing about listening to the JJJ impossible music festival – which has been quite fabulous.

Yesterday afternoon, poor Kahuna (my adored PC) died and I was forced to reinstall XP on him, which was a Very Sad Trial indeed. After the difficulties, I considered the Universe was trying to Tell Me Something and moved him to the babies room (after the extreme hell of re-installing the essential applications). Now I’m sitting at my lovely Mid Century Modern desk using Gertie (Don’s ye olde macbook – as of last weekend, he has a rather fine sparkly new NEC laptop) sans mouse, which is a challenge, to say the least. I cannot believe that in this house of a bazillion computer bits, there is not single a USB mouse to be found – stupid touchpad.

There was something else I meant to post about, but Cut Copy and dancing about the loungeroom are distracting me.

Happy Anniversary, baby!

2 thoughts on “got you on my mii-iiiind

  1. Oh, gee thanks!Given that we are unlikely to get hitched (although our longish surnames somewhat similar, so it would be great to be hyphenated), it’s probably the only anniversary we’ll have.

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