rumours of my demise &etc

I’m alive (and the world shines for me today)

Truth be told, I have no idea what I have been doing to keep me away from the blog for so long (apart from getting sucked into this reading-about-Sarah-Palin-time-sink [in particular an epic metafilter thread] that has consumed the last week).

So, work – yeah, it has been quite worky.

Had my last session with my personal trainer on Thursday evening before she heads off to the UK for two years. I celebrated the occasion by buying her some rather nice truffles and the biggest [and most expensive] chocolate frog I have ever seen. She’s been quite a big part of my life for the past 2 years and it will be quite strange not to have that weekly appointment. The challenge will be to see if I can keep this up all by myself.

Don and I had planned to be All Spring Cleaning All The Time this weekend, unfortunately the weather (with torrential rain on Friday/Saturday) was distinctly un-Spring-ish, so we bunkered down, with Don cooking what is probably the last batch of chicken stock for the season and a quite spectacular osso buco.

Today we discovered that Fathers’ Day is the very best day of the year to visit the hardware store – ample parking, no queues – awesome. Plants were bought, gardening occured.

A quite lovely weekend.

4 thoughts on “rumours of my demise &etc

  1. Oh, I’m all about the ELO! Discovery was the very first album I ever bought with my own money (which I believe I won from a sand modelling competition – it was a most awesome sand crocodile).Jano, you totally have to visit the Sarah Palin baby name generator. My fave was Joe/Frank's: Flag Cobra Palin – too fabulous!My obsession with the crazy has not abated and I'm convinced the Republicans now have it in the bag (should have put money on it an age ago) because the voters really do appear to be that nuts. I suspect Don will be setting fire to his USian passport when it happens. I shall video it and post it to You Tube – whereupon we will probably receive all manner of death threats &etc.

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