lesbian octopuses (octopii?)

Thanks to Not-Heather (previously un-mentioned fellow drone from my Marie Celeste coterie), I have been introduced to1 does it offend you, yeah? – who are absolutely teh awesome. Go! Listen! Dance!

Is it something about the time of year? Why do I have these crises of self around August/September? 2. Anyway, I’m having a wee one – utterly bored with the work I’m doing, working long hours &etc &etc. Perhaps is it Seasonal Affective Disorder (what with being in a windowless box all day and coming home in the dark)? Really, I just need a good complicated piece of analysis to set me to rights. Crosstabs and complex linking of tables have an amazing ability to make me content, mindlessly following processes that have been in place for over 10 years, much less so. Although I’m using all of my native cunning and my intellectual wiles to persuade Dishy Boss to make changes, I fear there is a long, long, hard slog ahead of me.

I’ve noticed that when sitting at my desk (either werk desk or home desk, my right shoulder slowly meanders up to ear level, if left unattended. This cannot bode terribly well for all manner of things. I think I need to fashion some form of “SHOULDER … DOWN!” sign in the style of those ubiquitous keep calm and carry on posters.

561 days is a little too long to wait for a break. I think I need to avail myself of one or two days in the interim.

Very, very long time readers will be aware that Dfkan has been suffering from a very extended bout3 of anti-biotic resistant tonsillitis that Will Just Not Go Away (and which, in part, was responsible for my extended blog hiatus between 2006-2007). FINALLY, my darling eldest daughter will be having them removed – by having to resort to the private system and paying a small fortune (even after Health Fund rebates)! I am excited! She, who has taken to watching tonsillectomies on You Tube and researching endlessly on teh internets, is now quite terrified of what is to come. I am being a Good Mummy and taking a couple of days off to care for her. Hopefully during this time I surreptitiously tidy her quite untidy flat, while feeding her custard and mashed potatoes.

1Although, after hearing the album, I had heard songs from it, I didn’t know who they were.
2See whingey mid-life crisis post circa August last year.
3nigh on 2 years

4 thoughts on “lesbian octopuses (octopii?)

  1. Funnily enough, I edited out the “but not together” bit.I’m sure I could mix them together in the first few days – she’ll be be so drugged up that I could feed her any old mush – this could be quite fun.Although she’s so desperate for liquid food options that she is even contemplating drinking a broth from Don’s lovingly created chicken stock, which previously she has referred to as “carcass juice”.

  2. When this was finally diagnosed as tonsillitis (rather than the mystery respiratory illness), her GP commented on the large number of people who to tonsillitis in their HSC year. I’m surprised you didn’t have yours whipped out at 5-7 like most people our age!She seems to be recovering nicely – after the scare she gave me on Day 2 with the bad reaction to the Panadeine Forte. She’s now on a high dose of children’s panadol (because it is liquid).

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