tr3 ch1 x 1674613

I find that when I am nearing the end of a project time seems to drag and drag and it seems as though it will never be done.

Well, finally, at long last and after much dragging of time, the blanket is over!

I guess the total materials cost was $25 (it might be dreadful to work with, but that acrylic is gosh-darn cheap!), so pretty good value really.

I’m in two minds about the fuschia border. Don likes, Bess is meh, Joe/Frank does not have an opinion (he enjoys snuggling beneath it and has requested one of his own).

Now I may progress to the Next Thing, if only I could decide what That Next Thing is (have loads of projects in my head – most of them involving the sewing machine, which doesn’t really lend itself to completion while sitting in front of my fave reality shows).

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