happy birthday, madge

I can only hope I look half so awesome in 9.25 years.

Actually, if I only looked that awesome now!

Anyway, enjoy some images in lieu of content…

You keep using those inverted commas. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.
Courtesy of my lovely new Miss Shop cardy – which was essentially free because I paid for it from market research rewards – yay for answering repetitive inane questions!

I’m convinced that anything can look enticing if photographed appropriately.
Prawn leavings – courtesy of tonight’s dinner (linguine & prawns with roast chilli oil).
Which I might say was amazingly, gosh-darn awesome and needs a separate post.

I know the Herald is totally teh suck (and is becoming infinitely worse than the Tele), but this is far too much! Strole? Whos? The humanity!

Why, oh why, can we not have a New York Times for Aus?

3 thoughts on “happy birthday, madge

  1. *cringe cringe cringe* I cannot stand spelling errors at all, as you know, but in a professional format it is especially painful!!!*if your looking for bargins, come inside!*

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