these are not the symptoms you are looking for

I am sick.

The doctor says virus (serves me right for going to a McDonald’s style Medical Centre and expecting any sort of real diagnosis).

She might have been crap at working out what was wrong with me (totally sinus issues), but she did insist I have a day off work – and who am I to argue? She is allegedly a professional after all.

It has been a difficult week, where I have felt quite ghastly (hence the visit to the doctor) – obviously the sinus thingy brewing.

And the less said about the long lunch, the better. Everything was wonderfully, delightfully peachy until the very end – whereupon a rather dramatic (dramatic being, of course, a huge understatement) relationship break-up occured between the hairdresser and his (former) beloved. I really, really don’t need to be dragged into the relationship horrors of people I barely know.

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