Gah! It’s been a somewhat busy week.

The title is the amount of hours I entered into my timesheet this week. Previously, I’d enter the standard 37.5 hours, irrespective of how many hours I did – swings and roundabouts, you know? And it’s not as though the hours I work have anything to do with my pay (I’m not amongst the priveleged few that get overtime).

However, Dishy boss convinced me that I need to record my time properly and I must say, he is very wise in these matters. All this slavering will be all rather good for the upcoming salary review (well, hopefully!)

The upshot of all this is that I’ve been neglecting the blog once again.

In other news, Boudicca has been headhunted and is off to NZ in a fabulous role, for which her company issued a press release (which I circulated amongst the Marie Celesters – and which made The Oaf quite insane with jealousy – which of course was the intention when I sent it – bitch, much?).

Was supposed to attend farewell drinks this evening, but I am feeling not a little ill – I am somewhat all in and we need to arise betimes tomorrow, for we are off to the Lovedale Long Lunch with the hairdresser and his entourage1. Should be an absolute blast!

1Was supposed to include Mr + Mrs APG (Mrs APG asked us along initially), but Mr APG is very, very ill. Get better soon APG!

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