what’s your name again?

Remember how much ANZ is teh suck?

Well, after tonight the new bank of choice was going on teh suck list.

When I went in to prove I was me, I specifically asked bank dude if I needed to come in to activate my card. He said, no, I could just use it after the PIN arrived.

You know what happens now, don’t you?

Yes, went to use the card tonight to give ex-husband-2 some exorbitant amount of dosh for assorted babies costs, and it wouldn’t work.

Called the number on the back, and guess what? It needed to be activated at the branch (you saw that coming a mile, didn’t you? As did I, because, as you will recall, I asked the question at set-up).

I complained bitterly (but nicely) to the lovely girl on the phone.

And within 16 minutes, she had escalated the issue and activated the card! I was sickeningly effusive in my thanks. So wonderfully different from my ANZ experience.

Rock on, NAB, rock on.

I wish I could remember (or discover), the the name of the lovely girl who helped me out – because I would totally send her a costly floral tribute and send an email to her supervisors. I think I will spend a while tomorrow attempting to track that info down.

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