nerdly interlude

Today I purchased 330GB of hard drive space for only $165.

That should keep us going for a month or so.

I remember, back in the day, when I sold a 10GB hard drive on eBay for about $90.

More revoltingly, I’m currently installing W2K on Dfkan’s old PC for the babies to do homework &etc on (80GB of the aforementioned hard drive space is for them). As Dfkan took her monitor with her when she moved out, we purchased a rather nice (and in perfect condition) compac 17″ CRT monitor at Reverse Garbage today for $5 – count them – FIVE dollars! I so do love the colours and resolution of a CRT, but use an LCD for desk real estate reasons.

After I transfer all the files from my adored T201 to the “new” pc, I shall install ubuntu onto the laptop for web browsing and not a lot else – perhaps listening to music.

I also spent the afternoon / evening tossing rather many mac OS install + apps CDs that I had been holding onto for waaay to long (for gods knows what reasons. I certainly don’t own anything that could run OS 8.62 – or BeOS or A/UX) anymore (although once I did own about 20-25 computers that could do so3).

1Eight years old and still going strong-ish (except for that line o’ pixels down the left side of the screen) and that the battery doesn’t hold charge, but I will hold onto it until the bitter end.
2My fave mac OS.
3yes, really

3 thoughts on “nerdly interlude

  1. Yes, HB, that is totally a boxy monitor (CRT = cathode ray tube) – see, you are totally un-Schultz like.Really, really, CB – it was mostly all quadras and LCs (and a 8600 and a couple of Classic IIs and a performa). Even now I have to be forcibly restrained from restarting the collection. This is mostly where I acquired the RAM collection.

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