in which i suck, but in a super-relaxed way

Monday saw me off to the spa to enjoy my birthday present, and, by golly, enjoy it I did.

There is an awful lot to be said about being covered in chocolate and wrapped in plastic.

There is also an awful lot to be said about having fabulously groomed fingernails and toenails, so much so, that I’ve even purchased nailpolish(!). I don’t think I have worn nail polish for about 7 years.

Mnay people have commented that I am glowing (even today, I received glowing comments from people I’d not seen all week). I really could become accustomed to this sort of thing.

I do have a rather delightful, considerate and thoughtful elder daughter for coming up with the giftage idea (and, of course, Don is lovely too for being the joint gift giver).

But, yeah, posting – a bit slack on that front. I daresay it is because I have ramped up the gym attendance (and am on a new programme) because of the accumulated pudge1 and I am super exhausted by the time I arrive home and we go to bed at like 9.30pm. Dfkan has stopped referring to it as our “empty nest lifestyle” and refers to it as our “old people lifestyle”. I am sure I will be much less exhausted in the coming weeks.

1I am in utter denial about the pudgeage cause being that bottle of wine we share over dinner each night.

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