by golly, I suck

I have no excuse for not updating more frequently, except that I have been madly tagging flickr pix1 & going to sleep at 9pm each night. Dfkan has stopped referring to it as our “empty nest lifestyle” and now calls it our “old people lifestyle”. I’ve recommenced gymming after realising that the pudgifying effects of sloth were not going to go away without discarding the slothfulness – hence the tiredness + early bededness.

Tonight we ventured out to the Flying Fajita Sistas – food = totally awesome, service = completely and utterly woeful – quite possibly the worst service I’ve ever experienced2. No tip for you! However, I’d go again in an instant (and hope the service would be better).

Strangely, contrary to normal behaviour, I was just chillin’ about the service. I think I have the holiday to thank for that. Golly, I think I’m becoming more mature all over the place (some may say that it is about time).

I was going to post about Italian highway whores here, but I think that deserves a post all of its own.

1 the photos are out there in the Real World, and won’t be linked to here, because I’m not all that keen on world’s colliding, however if you’d like to email me (addy in profile), I’ll send you a link to them.

2 after 40 minutes, we’d still not received our salsa + chips, in their favour, they comped us for them.

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